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I failed my final because a GIRL sitting next to me was wearing a TANK TOP ad i saw her sholders and got distracted all the blood in my brain went to my huge Dong


(x) & (x)

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guys srs request

theres this sourcefed video 

just eliott

and hes super dramatic

and does lots of turning

and weird poses

and i think its on his lens flare set

and its my favourite SF video and the funniest thing in the world and i need to find it again

oh yes i was trying to find this too! it’s the one where he pretends to be a super professional news reporter (Will McAvoy i’m pretty sure) and I think it’s about something aquatic? Elliott tweeted it out a couple months ago as a tbt I think. hopefully you have more luck with that limited info haha! post it in the tag if you find it!

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Tat being a massive goofball at SDCC 2014

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when i ask u what ur favourite colour is i expect a colour of the rainbow not some guava sunset-salami coral reef bullshit 

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does aimee just live with the garveys???


I hate the guilty remnant and have no problem watch them get bitch slapped every now and then, but jesus christ that was just fucked up.

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So will Caroline be playing the monster?

VEVOLift: “Hi everyone, we’re Little Mix!

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